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Speedline Kit

SKU: 08650-80

Convenient kit includes six 36" Blaze Orange Loop Runners, four 30" Orbit Yellow Loop Runners, ten Climbing Technology Key TG Carabiners and two durable nylon bales for storage

  • Save time and effort on the job by setting up a speedline. Grab this kit and a rope and you’ll be able to quickly move pieces away from the tree to a designated drop area.
  • Constructed of tubular nylon webbing, our loop runners serve as medium-duty choker straps for tree work and climbing.
  • Circular construction distributes wear more evenly because you’ll seldom clip into the same spot twice.
  • Safe working load information for loop runners: 7,000 Ultimate Breaking Strength (UBS), 1,400 Safe Working Load (SWL), 31 Kilonewtons (kN).
  • Carabiner features include a profiled shape that optimizes major axis loading and a triplex twist-lock gate.
  • Carabiner major axis strength: 22 kN.