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O-Ring Recall Notice Affecting Cougar Saddles

Weaver Leather has been notified by U.S. Rigging Supply Co. (see PDF link at right) that any unmarked aluminum O-rings on the Weaver Cougar Saddles manufactured during 2007, 2008 and early 2009 are not suitable for use. Please remove any unmarked rings from service immediately. U.S. Rigging's review of this potential issue was initiated after Weaver Leather was recently informed of a failure in the field. The reported fracture of an unmarked ring was being used on a Cougar Saddle. This is the first known failure of any aluminum O-ring on the Cougar Saddle. Fortunately there was no injury to the user. Weaver Leather has performed further tests on marked rings. Testing has confirmed that marked rings meet or exceed the industry standard, as noted in U.S. Rigging's recall notice, while unmarked rings may not meet the standards. This recall appears to be similar to the unmarked Kong ring recall initiated in 2009.

It is important for each user to closely examine both aluminum rings being used on their Cougar Saddle. If either or both of the rings are unmarked, described in the U.S. Rigging and Weaver notices, please follow the instructions on the Weaver recall form (see PDF links at right). Please note that many of the rings' markings could be worn and barely visible. Please inspect each of them very thoroughly. If your ring has a "USR" marking or "ISC" marking (International Safety Components rings have been used by Weaver since 2008), these do not need to be replaced and are suitable for continued use (for sample pictures of properly marked rings, please see PDF links at the right).

If you currently have unmarked rings on your Cougar Saddle, please follow the instructions on the Weaver Leather O-Ring Notice & Recall Form (see PDF link at right). Once the form is completed, Weaver Leather will immediately send a marked "ISC" replacement ring with a strap sewn to it and instructions for proper replacement. Weaver Leather has created a YouTube video to assist users in removing and replacing these rings (see Video link at right).

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions regarding whether your rings need replaced, please contact Weaver Leather at 1-800-WEAVER-1.