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Quick Tree Ascender

SKU: 08-98157

Removable ascender for easier and faster rope ascent. Ideal for tree climbing and working at height.

  • Two-movement quick attachment/release system: the device can be easily unclipped and attached to the harness by the attachment lever if it’s not being used
  • Closure system with additional fixing lever to guarantee secure attachment to support
  • Cam/lever mechanism completely integrated into body
  • Opening lever allows you to keep device open to facilitate rope insertion and avoid rope accidentally coming out
  • Self-cleaning cam, with three depressions to avoid the accumulation of dirt and mud

The device can be used with two different supports:
QT UNIVERSAL: universal fixing support that can be installed onto any boot by using the webbing system with the adjustment buckle.
QT SPURS: special fixing support that has been designed to be installed onto any tree climbing crampons.

This support enables the user to ascend a rope while wearing the tree climbing crampons. This speeds up the manoeuvres because the user avoids having to continually take off and put back on the crampons to switch from the tree climbing mode to the rope climbing mode. The position of the locking cam can be easily adjusted in both directions according to the needs of the user.