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Laser-Engraved #14 Belt Saw Scabbard

SKU: 08200-19-650

With their eye-catching laser-engraved designs, these #14 Belt Saw Scabbards offer a new twist on an old classic!

  • Crafted from top grain steer hide harness leather, these durable scabbards feature eye-catching laser-engraved designs
  • A handy snap on the front is perfect for attaching smaller tools
  • A 3/8" nylon washer at blade entry point protects saw and scabbard
  • Attach to a belt snap with the dee that's riveted to the top
  • Convenient, large openings on side and bottom for easy cleanout
  • The scabbard with the straight back fits the Fanno #4, #14 and #FI-1311 and Corona® #7010, #7120 and #7130 saws and the scabbard with the curved back fits all of the above as well as the Fanno #FI-K1500
  • Nickel-plated snaps and dees