Experience Safety


Your life depends on your saddle. That’s why we develop premium saddles with top-of-the line features backed by careful inspection. From easy-to-inspect suspension bridges to comfortable memory foam padding, our saddles are designed to elevate your climbing experience.


Each stress point is carefully box-stitched for reinforcement you can depend on no matter where your day takes you. Precise placement of box-stitching ensures Weaver Arborist products never let you down.


Suspension bridges feature a striped white and dark orange Spectra fiber overlay for strength and abrasion resistance that surrounds a black webbing core for easy wear inspection at a glance.


Weather-resistant bonded nylon thread won’t break or unravel to maintain the integrity of Weaver Arborist products. When you’re hard at work, your gear is working hard right with you.


At Weaver Arborist, every little detail matters, especially when it comes to safety. Our craftspeople set each rivet on our saddles by hand to ensure the job is done right.